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Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

4 x 4 - Move Up in Rank

4 x 4 - Move Up in Rank

60 Days to Success

60 Days to Success

How to Earn an Income

Understanding how you earn an income at Immunotec means understanding where the income streams come from. Income is generated from two places:

  • your Customer base
  • the purchases made by Consultants (and their Customers) who will join your organization

Plus, there are bonuses that are paid on additional qualifications listed below. But the basic principle of this business is creating your distribution network.

There are two main sources of revenue:

  • how you are paid on your personal Customers
  • how you are paid on the purchases and sales made by the Consultants (and their Customers) that join your organization

Personal Customers

Retail Sales

You can quickly earn retail profits by purchasing the products at wholesale and selling them at retail.

Sell four boxes of Immunocal® at retail and your profit is $118.80.
4 x Immunocal = $396 retail - $277.20 your cost = $118.80 retail profit.

Customer AutoShip Program

Register your Customers with the Customer AutoShip program and they will take advantage of discounted pricing, loyalty rewards and convenient ordering. Customers on the monthly AutoShip program enjoy a 20% discount on all products and a 30% discount on selected Customer Health Packs. You earn the difference between what the Customer pays and you pay (10%) on the Customer purchases at 20% or a generational pay on the Customer Health Packs.

You have four Customers on the Customer AutoShip program who each buy one box of Immunocal. They purchase the product at $79.20 and your cost is $69.30. You earn the $9.90 difference for each box or $39.60 for these four Customers ... each and every month that they purchase.

If these same four Customers purchased one of the Customer Health Packs (example: $138.60 for two boxes of Immunocal), you would earn $6.93 as a Generation 1 payment x 4 = $27.72.

My Downline Consultant Business

You are eligible for commissions not just on your personal Customers, but also on the business generated by other Consultants that join your organization. The best way to build your downline is by personally sponsoring New Consultants to your team.


Personal Sponsoring Bonus

With every new Consultant that you sponsor, you earn a bonus for helping bringing them into your organization and getting them started with their new business.

When you sponsor someone into your organization you earn an automatic bonus of up to 20%.

When a new Consultant you sponsor chooses to sign up with $500 of inventory (i.e. signs up with a New Consultant Starter Pack), your personal sponsoring bonus could reach $100.

Rank Advancement and Residual Income

In addition to income generated through your Customer base and your personal sponsoring activities, Immunotec offers you a residual income program based on the sales made by the distribution network you have created. This is where the business model of network marketing shows its strength. As we have seen, traditional income earners are limited by the number of hours that they can put into a business; however, as you sponsor others into the business, you are eligible for an override on the sales that they generate. Immunotec pays Consultants up to 47% in residual commissions on the wholesale price of every product sold and this is in addition to the lucrative bonus and incentive programs that are incorporated into the plan!

Earlier, we looked at the commissions generated by the Customers that you bring into the business. When you begin to build an organization of others who do the same, you will be able to earn an override on the business that each of your downline Consultants generates. Immunotec sets no limit on the number of Consultants that you can sponsor into the business. Consultants can have as many Customers and Consultants in their organization as they wish to sponsor. This is an important point as we continue to look at the Compensation Plan. You have the same earning potential as any other Immunotec Consultant!


The Power of Geometric Progression

Geometric progression is the engine that drives the network marketing business model. If you sponsor four Consultants into the business who each find four new Consultants, who in turn each sponsor four, who each sponsor another four (4+16+64+256), you would have an organization of 340 Consultants (plus their Customers) – impressive isn’t it. Think of it in terms of hours—the limiting factor in your business. If you decided that you could commit 10 hours a week to your Immunotec business and asked for the same commitment from those you sponsored, you would now increase your working hours each week to 3400! Just remember that in the real world, perfect geometric progression does not occur. Some people will sponsor many new Consultants, and some will never sponsor any or only gather Customers. This example is given solely to illustrate the powerful concept behind this unique business model.

The reason that an Immunotec business offers significant residual income potential (an annuity of sorts) is that the distribution network that you build pays you for as long as products are purchased. Immunotec is a company that strives for stability and for a system that provides long-term income opportunities. The ability to leverage the work of those on your team adds up exponentially.

As you continue to add new Consultants and new Customers to your organizations, your business will grow and you will access new levels of Leadership and new bonuses.

You will be eligible for "Rank Advancement Bonus" and other bonuses for helping people do what you do and move up as well.

Do the Math!

In fact, there are six different ways to earn with Immunotec.

We encourage you to go over these numbers and see how they fit into your income objectives. The more plugged in you are to the Compensation Plan, the healthier your bottom line. If you have any questions about the Compensation Plan and your earning potential, feel free to talk to the person who introduced you to Immunotec.

* Success with Immunotec results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend upon a number of factors, including how effectively you exercise these qualities. Please see the Income Disclosure Statement.