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Elasense Testimonials

Over 90% in the test group said they would definitely recommend Elasense products to others and over 80% said that they saw a noticeable improvement in their skin in just 4 weeks. *

Deborah Gauger

"The biggest difference in the Elasense Skin Care line is the inclusion of glutathione. I'm a big believer in building my immune system from the inside out (with Immunocal) and I love now having a topical glutathione option that delivers extrinsic health for my skin. It's like nothing else I have ever tried before!" **

Deborah Gauger, Independent Immunotec Consultant (Alberta, Canada)

Gloria Nieves

"My friends and family see a vast difference in my skin since using the Elasense Skin Care products. So do I. I was blown away. This is the real deal. Go glutathione!" **

Gloria Nieves, Independent Immunotec Consultant (Florida, USA)

Elasense Testimonial - Céline Plourde (in French)

"The serum gave me great results. It feels like it's working right away on my skin." **

Céline Plourde, Independent Immunotec Consultant (Quebec, Canada)

(Video in French only.)

Elasense Testimonial - Guylaine Caron (in French)

"I really love the eye cream. I have tried all sorts of products, even some of the high-end ones from Paris. With the Elasense Skin Care products, right from the first application, I could feel and see the results, WOW! I am so excited about sharing the Elasense Skin Care collection with others because I know that they work!" **

Guylaine Caron, Independent Immunotec Consultant (Quebec, Canada)

(Video in French only.)

Elasense Testimonial - Victoria Pelayo (in Spanish)

"I am really excited about the Elasense Skin Care products. They feel very good when applied. My skin is oily and they control this problem very well. Plus they left me with very soft skin. In just one week of use I noticed a tremendous improvement to two major problems: dark circles and spots on the skin. I am very happy with the Elasense Skin Care line." **

Victoria Pelayo, Independent Immunotec Consultant (California, USA)

(Video in Spanish only.)

Elasense Testimonial - Mónica Hoffmann (in Spanish)

"After three or four days I started to notice a difference in my face: my skin felt softer, smoother and clearer too. It felt more rejuvenated." **

Mónica Hoffmann, Independent Immunotec Consultant (Florida, USA)

(Video in Spanish only.)

* Results based on consumer self-assessment study of 60 people over 6 weeks of daily use.

** These statements reflect the actual experiences of each individual, are anecdotal only, and may not be typical.

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