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Itís about YOU!

Work from home. Answer to yourself. Do things on your own schedule. Reap the rewards. Immunotec is about achieving the life you crave and helping others do the same. Itís about success on your terms. Itís about crafting out the lifestyle that you want to live.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • "How do I get out of debt?"
  • "What is my familyís long-term financial future?"
  • "How can I pay for extras?"
  • "Am I being paid what I deserve?"
  • "What else is out there for me?"

If so, youíre ready to take steps toward finding answers and realizing your dreams! Just think about how it would feel to achieve everything you want to, just by introducing people to a product and opportunity you believe in. Then take the first step toward making it happen.


Your Immunotec business lets you reach for whatís most important to you in life. Think about the following benefits and attributes and consider which ones mean the most to you.

  • Flexibility. Choose the schedule that works for you. Conduct Immunotec business from home, on the road, between gigs, after-hours or 9 to 5. When you put in the hours to build your business, your flexibility only increases with time!
  • Income. Whether youíre looking for a little extra cash or a long-term growth opportunity, Immunotec can help you reach your goals. Best yet: Start enjoying an income as quickly as two weeks after you start!
  • New skills. You bring your talent and drive, and we provide the skill set you need to move your business forward.
  • Recognition. When youíre succeeding alongside your peers, those successes are all the sweeter. Immunotec recognizes your great work and youíll be surprised and thrilled with the support youíll get from fellow Independent Consultants as well.
  • Relationships. Working for yourself not only allows you time to nurture the relationships with those you love best, but also the opportunity to connect with people who share your goals and dreams. When you build your own team, youíll find that people-oriented philosophy truly becomes contagious!
  • Travel. We recognize your successes with fabulous incentive trips. See the world with your spouse, children or friends!