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The NEW Normal

The NEW Normal

Immunotec is dedicated to improving your life by providing quality products and tools to support your physical, mental and financial state in order for you to find balance in your life. Finding this balance becomes the platform for your NEW NORMAL lifestyle.

Over the decades, the positive effects of Immunocal have been demonstrated by dozens of published research papers. Additionally, Immunotec has focused on athletes and on physical performance, adhering to the same scrupulous research methodology carried forward from the past. Immunotec has partnered with numerous world-class amateur and professional athletes helping them achieve their peak performance and realize their athletic dreams.

Through this partnership, Immunotec products are now reaching out to everyone, no matter their age, occupation or leisure activities to make Immunotec products their choice for good health and vitality.

Immunotec has also recognized that obesity is becoming an epidemic that must be eliminated. With the MiForm Weight Management System, we offer a long-term solution to not only realize weight loss goals but also attain a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. With Immunotec and the MiForm Weight Management System, as you reach your goal weight, you can attain a healthier new lifestyle, your “new normal”.

"The new normal phase can simply be defined as a new state of being through changes that may come about from the weight loss phase incorporating exercise, healthy eating and mental coaching. You’ll feel transformed. I would like you to think of the new normal phase as a platform by which you (if you chose to) explore your potential."

John Molson, Vice-President, Research & Development

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