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Serge Dessureault

Serge Dessureault

Date of Birth: August 11, 1964
Hometown: St-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec
Current Residence: St-Bruno, Quebec
Sport Category: Mountain, ultra-trails

Serge Dessureault finished his first marathon at the age of 14 and hasn’t stopped his sports training since. His experience includes being a member of the Olympic wrestling junior national team, participating in dozens of marathons and competing in canoe, cycling and cross-country ski races. For the past 20 years, Serge has been involved in adventure racing, which sometimes calls for several days of racing through forests or deserts. He has also completed ultra-marathons and, since 2005, has taken to climbing the world’s highest mountains, including Everest in 2007.

Serge has been married for 30 years and is the father of two girls, aged 16 and 18. He completed a bachelor’s degree to become a physical education teacher, but for the past 26 years he has been working as a firefighter for the City of Montreal.

Serge is very pleased with his life so far, having made a commitment at a young age to always give 100% of himself in everything he does and to live out his dreams—or at least try to. He hopes to continue on the same path for several decades to come.

TV Interview

Watch Serge Dessureault on the popular Quebec show "Salut Bonjour" by clicking here (in French only). Immunotec is proud to be sponsoring Serge's K2 Climb this summer.


  • A happy family
  • Firefighter captain at Fire Station 19 and a firefighter for 26 years
  • Completed first marathon at the age of 14
  • Three-time Quebec Champion in Olympic wrestling
  • Member of the team selected for the Eco-Challenge race in Argentina
  • First Quebecer to reach the summit of Mount Everest via the north ridge route from Tibet (May 15, 2007)

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