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Our story begins with a groundbreaking discovery in immune system optimization. This discovery led to the development of Immunocal, a specially formulated whey protein supplement that is safe, natural and scientifically proven effective.

Although the development of Immunocal is a success story in itself, it did not happen overnight. Immunocal is backed by over 40 years of intense research, and study.

Committed to the development of health-promoting products that focus on both inner and outer wellness benefits, Immunotec has created a superior business opportunity that allows individuals to succeed beyond their dreams. We provide high quality products, business tools, ongoing support and training, as well as powerful incentives and recognition that encourage, motivate and facilitate the pathway to success.

There are three ways to get started with Immunotec

1Shop online from the full range of Immunotec's science-based health, wellness, performance, and skin care products.


2Become a preferred customer and enjoy discounted prices plus the convenience of automatic monthly delivery.


3Become a Consultant and build your own home-based business. We'll be there to help you every step of the way.