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The Health-Tech Firm That is Disrupting Wellness… The single most vital element of good health is arguably your immune system – because it’s your body’s way to protect itself. Research over the last 50 years led scientists to a stunning discovery: A little-known protein contained in all human cells that supports immune response, even anti-aging.

The story begins in the 1960s, when Italian surgeon Gustavo Bounous became intrigued with the vastly different outcomes of recovery for post-surgical patients. Dr. Bounous posited that the difference was caused before the surgeries ever took place – determined by the patients’ nutritional profile. He sought to discover which specific nutrients impacted healing and recovery the most.

Around that same time, Dr. Patricia Kongshavn was pioneering exploration in the emerging field of clinical immunology at McGill University in Montreal. Dr. Kongshavn was focused on increasing knowledge of the immune system and the genetics of natural resistance.

The two doctors began collaborating on research that would become a lifelong quest for them both – the enhancement of immune function. Their studies led them to focus on glutathione, a little-known biomolecule contained in all human cells that may contain the secret of immune response, even anti-aging.

Glutathione was first discovered by a French researcher in 1888, but its breakthrough potential was not discovered until Doctors Bounous and Kongshavn discovered a safe, natural, and drug-free way to effectively raise your glutathione levels. Their discovery, supported by numerous studies over the last 30 years, revealed that glutathione is responsible for bolstering our defenses against some of the largest threats facing our well-being today.

Glutathione, present in every cell in your body, is now considered the “master antioxidant.” Dr. Bounous was the first to show how raising glutathione levels could increase lifespan. To further their research, in 1996 Drs Bounous and Kongshavn launched one of the first health-tech startups. They chose the direct selling business model and Immunotec was born.

Dr Bounous died in 2011 at the age of 83, but the company he helped co-found continued developing breakthrough wellness products and developed a small but fiercely loyal following of customers. The Immunotec products were one of the best kept secrets in the wellness community.

Inside the company, there was a great desire to explore new product development and expand the wellness message to more countries around the world. But some of the founding shareholders wanted to monetize their interests for estate planning.

Riding to the rescue was renowned entrepreneur Mauricio Domenzain. Mauricio brought extensive expertise in product development, marketing, and direct selling. Mauricio was passionate about both the immune system research and the product line Immunotec was developing. He was determined to create a global movement to expand awareness of the role nutrition plays in building overall wellness.

That vision came into reality when Mauricio led an investment group to take the company private, remove earnings pressure, and free up the Immunotec scientists to focus on nothing but more cutting-edge research on the immune system. As CEO, Mauricio and his new team brought tremendous resources and experience, to allow Immunotec to continue aggressive investigation, product development, and international expansion. A state-of-the-art facility to produce the signature product Immunocal opened in 2021, and customers receive timely shipment of their orders from a network of fulfillment centers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe, and South America.

Immunotec is dedicated to the philosophy of living better and believes you achieve this by providing your body optimal nutrition, allowing it to maintain wellness naturally. Under Mauricio’s leadership, the company developed the proprietary Immunotec Immune Strengthening Protocol ™(ISP). The philosophy behind the ISP is simple, yet profound: Instead of concentrating on treating diseases and illnesses after the fact, Immunotec believes it’s better to nourish your body with specific nutrients that allow your own body to maintain a healthy immune response.

This ISP is the “north star” guiding principle for all Immunotec product development. The entire Immunotec product line is designed to help your own body strengthen its own natural immune response.

Immunotec is continually innovating in wellness research, product development, and growing the network of independent consultants. The company is now operating in a dozen countries with new markets opening annually. Today, Immunotec products are widely considered as the preeminent nutritional sustenance for maintaining a strong immune system.