Hannah Hanson

Date of Birth:
Born in the United Kingdom
Current Residence:
Frederick, Maryland
Sport Category:

Hannah Hanson is a 33 year old single mother of identical twin girls that aspires to be a pro triathlete in the next couple of years. In between working a full time job, teaching spin and caring for her children, she likes to compete in endurance events ranging from single sport running events to triathlons. Along Hannah's athletic journey in pursuit of becoming a pro triathlete, she wants to continue to learn and help others achieve their goals while sharing her passion for the sport.


  • Team USA Long Course Duathlon World Championship Qualifier for 2012
  • 1st place Women’s Duathlon 2013 - course record
  • 1st place - Baltimore 10 Miler 2012 and 2010 - Course Record Holder (1:02:01)
  • 5th place - Irongirl Columbia Triathlon - 4th Amateur 2011 - 2nd ever triathlon
  • 2nd place - DU2 Duathlon - 35 seconds behind Pro Triathlete Suzy Serpico - 2nd ever duo
  • 5-time Boston Marathon Qualifier
  • 1st place - Philadelphia Women’s Duathlon 2010 - Go Diva - 1st ever duathlon
  • 1st place - Keystone State Triathlon 2010 - 1st ever triathlon
  • Full Scholarship Division 1 Athlete - Cross Country and Track and Field
  • 3000M Steeplchase Record Holder at University
  • 2-time Baltimore 10 Miler Record Holder
  • Marathon - California International Marathon 2010 (3:05:00)
  • Half Marathon - Frederick Half Marathon 2012 (1:23:11)
  • 10 Miler - Army 10 Miler 2009 (1:01:57)
  • 5 Miler - Wild Woman 8k Frederick 2010 (29:32)
  • Triathlon - Columbia Irongirl 2011 (.62 swim, 17.5 mile bike, 3.3 mile run) (1:35:22)
  • Duathlon - DU2 Duathlon 2011 (2 mile run, 26 mile bike, 4 mile run) (1:57:54)


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