The science behind Immunocal


Immunocal - Whey Above the Rest

Article 6So often we are asked how Immunocal fits into the world of dairy science and whey proteins. Let’s examine this rapidly expanding field and see how these products are truly unique.

Many milk derivatives and whey products exist on the marketplace for health-conscious individuals. These products are extremely variable in their protein content, their concentration, the amount of denaturization (damage to the original protein structure), the actual types of proteins present, and other factors which play important roles in the effectiveness of the product (see Table below).

Immunocal is a protein isolate. Whey protein “isolates” is of the purest form, being between 90‑98% protein with negligible fat and lactose per serving. Whereas whey protein “concentrates” usually contains between 70-85% protein with significant levels of fats and lactose. It contains sub-families of proteins with the highest levels of glutathione precursors (building blocks) available. The unique way that Immunotec extracts these proteins intact in their natural form accounts for our ability to deliver high levels of cystine and cysteine to the cell. It was Dr. Bounous who first described the importance of keeping these fragile proteins. These techniques are unique to Immunotec. Notice that you will generally not find warnings against heating other proteins, because they are most often already seriously broken down.

Of critical importance is the biological activity associated with the proteins involved. The research most of these companies use as “scientific references” for their product was in fact done by Dr. Bounous and his team toward the development of Immunocal. Whether any of these products actually work or not has been anybody’s guess because they have not withstood the test of real research. Dr. Wulf Dröge has picked up the torch and has taken Immunocal research to previously unforeseen heights, demonstrating the effectiveness of our product in most highly regarded scientific journals.

The field of natural health products will only truly advance if it is based in real research and quality control. Be comfortable that you are taking advantage of the highest quality supplements available. The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true in this realm as well.

My approach to evaluating a natural product is akin to how a real estate agent evaluates a property. The only difference is that the agent uses the motto “Location, location, location” - I stand by “Research, research and research!”. Immunocal fulfills all of these criteria.

Whey Protein Variables
Concentration of Protein Isolate = 90%+, concentrate = 70-90%
Types of Protein Glutathione precursors vs. caseine
Fat Content Immunocal "fat-free"
Bioavailability Very high in Immunocal
Biological Activity Very high in Immunocal